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What We Do

General Translation

High-standard translation of brochures, slogans, pamphlets, textbooks …etc.

Literary Translation

Aesthetic translation of literary books, novels, short stories, critical essays… etc.

Specialized Translation

Professional translation of legal, technical, medical, agricultural and financial documents.

Audio-Visual Translation

Expert translation of audio files, songs, subtitling of videos and movies, etc.

Video & Audio Transcription

Accurate transcription of your audio and video files.


Translation or transcreation of websites and mobile applications to target a different country with a different culture.


Translation at Linguistica


Our team of certified translators guarantee you the best-quality translation. We honor adequacy and coherence, and we value the deadlines set with customers. We make sure to get the best feedback from our clients at all times.

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You may get a free quote fast to get an idea of our affordable rates. We are also reachable here:
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